About CryptoCode


CryptoCode is a technology company located in Santa Barbara, California, specializing in cryptographic engineering research and development. CryptoCode develops cryptographic hardware and software, analyzes, evaluates and reports on cryptographic products, and also offers on-site or off-site training programs in cryptographic engineering.

Furthermore, CryptoCode also analyzes and reports on  the content and scope of intellectual property, patents, and prior art in security and cryptography, and offers legal consulting and expert witness services.

CryptoCode has experience and knowledge in security and cryptography accumulated over two decades. CryptoCode has particular expertise in development of secure (resistant to side-channel attacks), highly-optimized, algorithm-rich and platform-specific cryptographic code in ASM, C, C++, Java, VHDL, and Verilog.

In addition to cryptographic products, CryptoCode also develops IP cores for audio and video encoding and decoding (SBC, AAC, MPEG) and error-correcting codes (BCH, RS).

Over the years, CryptoCode developed several hardware and embedded software IP cores, which are available for immediate delivery, and develops new IP cores, and performs customization services according to the specifications and requirements of its customers.


CryptoCode technology is based on the algorithms, methods, & implementations we have developed since the early 90's.

Our work appeared as articles in scientific journals and as books, technical reports & patents.

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